Dorian Diggs-Taylor

Dorian Diggs-Taylor serves as a Project Manager of The Diggs Group, LLC providing business and real estate consulting services to-profit, non-profit and governmental entities. Dorian has been actively involved Construction/Housing Development industry for a total of over twelve years and uses his experience to develop new and innovative ideas and provide quality services to clients.

While serving as Project Manager of The Diggs Group Dorian has undertaken a leadership/management role on several of The Diggs Group’s Projects:

  • Bedrock Real Estate Services/Quicken Loans (Parking Lot Project): Dorian oversaw the implementation of parking lot gates, programs, and systems which housed over 750 parking spaces utilized by Bedrock/Quicken employees. He managed and facilitated the day to day operations that were incorporated with maintaining safe and efficient parking lot facilities. He also actively solved any problems that may have arisen throughout the derision of the project.
  • Olympia Entertainment (Food Truck Project): Dorian met regularly with the City of Detroit’s Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environment Department staff members. In order to assure compliance of all city guidelines and regulations necessary to permit the stationary use of mobile food truck set up and sales in a designated area within the City of Detroit.

Prior to joining Heritage, Dorian was a Project Coordinator for the Community Improvement Group (CIG). As Project Coordinator he managed Developers and Sub-Recipients of Wayne County’s $26 million and the City of Flint’s 4.2 million dollar HUD award for NSP1. He was responsible for insuring that all clients complied with HUD guidelines, rules, and regulations. He developed innovative problem solving solutions to address any issue that may have arose. He reviewed payment request documents with clients before submitting the final documents to Wayne County. He met with clients on a weekly basis to ensure that project protocol was being executed properly and to discuss any questions or concerns that clients may have wanted to address.

Previously, Dorian was a Manager for the Do It Best Corporation’s Carpenter Brother’s Hardware. As Manager, Dorian traveled annually to the Do It Best Market Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana as a buyer on behalf of the company to purchase merchandise and establish long term relationships with venders. He negotiated with sales representatives to get the best possible prices on merchandise, implemented new rental equipment within the company’s rental department which increased sales revenue, and utilized the company’s computer software programs to enter new clients into the rental systems database, assess client’s balances, and update files as needed. He was also actively involved in developing new ideas within the company to increased sales revenue (snow removal service/ handy man service) which promoted expansion and growth within the company.

Previously, Dorian was a Technical Engineer for Toll Brother Luxury Home Builder. As Technical Engineer, Dorian worked daily with subcontractors in order to assure that the completion of homes in the construction phase took place in a timely fashion and were complete by their deadline dates. He also addressed any questions or concerns homeowners may have had to assure that their homes where 100% satisfactory to their particular needs. During these phases Dorian developed innovative solutions to solve any problems that may have arisen during the construction development stages of a client’s homesteads which resulted in producing a luxurious home upon completion.

Dorian is a graduate from the University of Eastern Michigan where he obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Business. He is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the state of Michigan and is a results motivated individual. Given the opportunity he will work diligently to accommodate the needs of each client and develop proactive solutions in order to produce an exceptional final product.