Ronald Markoe

Ronald Markoe is a dedicated Detroiter. He was born here and graduated from Detroit Public Schools and Wayne State University. He spent 32 years in a successful career in city government, and remained here as a resident after his retirement last year when he joined The Diggs Group Heritage LLC as Senior Project Manager. The majority of his career centered around real estate, development, and local business. The highpoints involved his leadership in bringing successful closure to several major development projects in Detroit where land acquisition and the displacement of homeowners, tenants, and business owners occurred. He was responsible for hundreds of parcels being acquired along with relocation, with virtually no complaints made to the media or to City Government. Those projects included: Brush Park South, the Brush Park Hospice site, Riverbend, The I-94 Industrial Park, The Emergency Services Center-Southwest, The Rosa Parks Transit Center, Conner Widening, and the St. Jean Widening to name a few. More specifically, his responsibilities entailed preparing relocation plans, budget estimates, interpreting government regulations (The Uniform Relocation Act and the Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended), setting policy and direction for staff and contractors, approving all benefits paid, and maintaining a sound relationship with HUD. Ronald strongly feels that his work contributed not only to the growth of the city’s landscape and services, but to the lives of the people that he served in their relocation.