T. Christopher Keith

Terrance Christopher Keith joined Diggs Group Heritage, LLC in 2015 as a Project Manager responsible for the implementation and monitoring of compliance regulations to ensure that clients are meeting and/or exceeding goals.

Prior to joining Heritage, Keith worked with the Wayne County Corporation Counsel assisting the Nuisance Abatement Program, which mapped blighted properties in the County. In that role, he was responsible for tracking more than 20,000 properties and maintaining detailed information on each property for elected and/or public officials. To accomplish these goals, Keith assisted with the development and implementation of a file management system as well as physically monitoring Wayne County neighborhoods, taking pictures and matching those photos to the Register of Deeds records to ensure the information was correct and up to date. He was also responsible for the filing default judgments on delinquent property owners.

Terrance Christopher Keith, attended Michigan State University, graduating with a degree in Economics in 2014.